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Digital Flyer Distribution

I Want to Distribute My Flyer: How Does It Work?

Instead of printing and distributing flyers, which costs the district material and labor, the district has chosen to utilize our communication system, Wylie ISD COnnect powered by ParentSquare, to distribute flyers electronically. Approved flyers containing information about events in and around the district will be posted to the system and parents, staff and/or students will be notified via their chosen method that the flyer is available. End users may choose to save or print the flyer, however the best part of the our system is that the flyer remains available to you electronically. See below for more information.

What Should I Do I Can't Remember the Details of a Flyer?

Fear not! All current flyers are available 24/7.  Simply visit the Wylie ISD Connect app or login to ParentSquare. All flyers will be available to you as long as they are current. You will only have access to flyers that apply to campuses, groups, clesses, etc. that you are associated with.

What If I Have Questions?

Please read through the FAQs below. If you still have questions, you can email or call 972.429.3001.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Community Organizations